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“A single person looking for marriage is already limited by relying on others to help him or her out,” Ackerman told The Jewish Week via email.

“If I want an ice cream from the store, do I hire a middleman to introduce me to the ice cream? I will go to the store and pick out my own brand of ice cream with my favorite flavor at the right price. If you want action, then you’re best off doing it yourself.” The group has not yet led to any matches, but has over 90 members.

“We hope that students see this as another way we want to look out for them, and be involved in their lives.” OU-JLIConnections, which operates on 21 college campuses and serves nearly 4,500 students a year, was started at the initiative of Rabbi Reuven and Shira Boshnack, the OU-JLIC educators at Brooklyn College.

When asked what this platform adds to existing options, Rabbi Boshnack emphasized “the personal touch.” He explained that “so much of the OU-JLIC programming is relationship-driven.

In contrast, Avitan charges his clients for consultation not based on success but by the hour.As for Rivka, the recent Ivy League graduate on the Upper West Side, the push and pull between dating apps and the “human touch” played out in her own, ultimately successful, search for a mate.For a short time while she was using JLIConnections, she also had a JSwipe account, which she deleted after a few weeks.“Now you have different ways of meeting people and are not just stuck or forced into doing it one way,” she said.“Apps and sites are empowering, because they give people the option of moving away from relying on other people — there’s something for everybody now.” David Yarus, who founded JSwipe in 2014, does not see the app as supplanting matchmaker-based options, but rather as expanding opportunities for successful matches.

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Avitan, however, takes a swipe, so to speak, at the shadchan-based model of Saw You At Sinai, where matchmakers peruse profiles and suggest potential matches.

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