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One example is when a girl I’d met in class that I was into kept saying in person that we should go on a lunch-date, catch up, etc.

, and then when I messaged her asking if she wanted to get coffee on the weekend, she simply ghosted and never talked to me again.

I tried to take some of that as a learning experience and apply it in my future relationships, and it’s been helpful to some degree.

There were a lot of red flags that I looked over before simply because I thought she was really attractive and it clouded my judgement.

I’ve also had a few hookups; more on that in a bit.

This year I had an on/off relationship with this girl for about three months that I met on tinder.

I do have a few great and close friends who I confide in and hang out with, but I’ve always been a bit of a romantic at heart, and I’d really like to be in a committed relationship.

I feel very lonely much of the time, and I don’t clash well with the general student culture at NU, which tends to be very focused on career and networking, as I view my career as second to my relationships to my friends and my love life. I have no problems being rejected, but ghosting always hurts, and I’ve had a few particularly bad experiences with that.

My poor financial situation growing up manifested into many issues, such as a rough relationship with my chronically depressed single mother.I still struggle with my innate superficiality sometimes, but after more dating this year, I’ve at least learned that I need a strong attraction to a partner’s mind and personality if I want a chance of a happy relationship.The three people I dated later in the year were all very nice and pretty, but none of them shared much of a spark conversationally with me, so they were all fairly mutual/friendly splits.We never were “official”, we were just consistently hooking up and talking pretty frequently.We would often talk about complex personal issues and our concepts of love and relationships.

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