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Having the game on a browser, my phone could be dead and I could be at a party like, “Yo, give me your phone, I want to show you this thing.” That’s way more viable and easy and I prefer it.I think that’s definitely the future of a lot of media. I made my roommate Alon play through it, because he can beat anything.In ways, it doesn’t really feel like a return or anything.It’s more this aspect of things I’m capable of doing.When we say our next album isn’t going to be a chiptune album, it’s more because of vocabulary expansion than switching palettes.That’ll always be a kind of music I wrote and liked and will never leave, I’m sure.Now I have a much better understanding of scoring for stuff that’s not my creation in the end. I just put myself in the world and think, “What would I like to be listening to in this world? We’ve been working on a bunch of projects for various people, and I don’t really want to spoil them yet. You’ve made some statements that the next Anamanaguchi record won’t be a “chiptune record” per say.

All of my favorite music that’s written for games is like that – you don’t have to be playing the games to enjoy the music. You also had a hand in scoring was the first time I ever did anything like that, so it’s sort of hard to compare anything to it at this point. We’re doing a new Anamanaguchi record at the same time, so I guess everything will start coming into fruition winter or spring-ish.So it must be annoying when media guys still bill you as an “8bit hacker band.” It can definitely be frustrating. There’s this world of nerd culture being mass-produced. There’s the whole world of, “Let’s try to make this nerdy shit cool.It’ll be the underground thing that’s tight.” I don’t feel like I would be at the forefront of that world, trying to defend it or explain it.Kids and teenagers and stuff, they don’t download music anymore.You don’t want to have music on your phone that takes up space – it’s annoying. It’s a thing that takes up space, that I have to have in my possession to show someone else.

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  1. I made so many great friendships on this tour and did a lot of cool things. Only a mere 5% suckage due to Band Wagon blowups, missing a few days here and there, and getting really sick at the end of tour :(I shot whenever and wherever I could fit it in quickly. My version of Warped was most assuredly, very interesting! It felt that most people knew each other from past tours together. I remember I would walk up and down the track, hoping that I could pick out a familiar face. That's when the tour managers are running around getting everyone's All Access badges sorted out, and you get to go pick up all of your new free SWAG. So, Band Wagon took back their truck, and we were all now homeless. Meanwhile, we shacked up in a shitty motel for a few days while sorting it all out.

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