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If the spouse is successful in her actions against you, you are the one that has to pay up, not the husband.Of course, if the roles are reversed and a wife cheats on her husband, the jilted husband can sue his wife’s paramour.You open the door, and the deputy hands you a pile of documents.“It’s a complaint and summons,” the deputy tells you.You’ll feel sick over the idea that you’re destroying someone’s family, even if you had no intention of doing so. That should be an obvious sign you’re dating a married man. And realize how easy it is to slide that ring off his finger and into his pocket.Better to look for signs you’re dating a married man and make sure that he’s actually single and available than to fall for him and have things get more complicated months down the road. I know you’re biting your nails, ready to get into this murky topic, so let’s dive into those signs you’re dating a married man. Don’t try to convince yourself that it’s a fashion ring or something else. Sure, he may tell you he’s separated (classic married man move), but even if he is (and don’t assume that it’s true), you really don’t want to get involved with a man who’s still tied up emotionally and fiscally with his wife. Then all physical evidence of him being married is gone…or is it? How to Call Him Out: If you see recent photos where he’s wearing a ring or notice that tan line where a ring should be, flat out ask if he’s married.“You’ve been sued.”Welcome to the land of criminal conversation and alienation of affections.Those two causes of action—or grounds to sue a person--have been abolished in most states, however North Carolina is one of a handful of states that still allow jilted spouses to sue the paramours of their mates for criminal conversation and alienation of affections.

You believe him, you follow your heart, and you enjoy the hours, the days, the weeks and months of new-love bliss that follow.Technically, the suit is not “criminal,” nor is one brought based on “conversation” alone.A spouse has a legal right to enjoy the service and companionship of a mate, and if you steal that away—so to speak—the spouse can sue you for damages. Dream dates, breakfast in bed, romantic gazes…he’s giving you the full Prince Charming treatment. And as a point of interest, only 14% of women admit to cheating.But the fact that you’re researching “signs you’re dating a married man” tells me that you have some serious concerns about his availability as a partner. It’s shocking and unforgivable that anyone, let alone the man you’re dating, cheats, but according to the Associated Press and the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 22% of men have admitted to cheating on their partners. I’m not letting you ladies off the hook, but it is interesting that men seem to do it more.

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