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He works as a double agent for Batman in Luthor's organization. Maggin novelization of Kingdom Come, al Xu'ffasch tells Bruce that his mother Talia is still alive and working as a Mother Superior in India, one of Mother Teresa's successors.al Xu'ffasch reappears in Waid's 1999 sequel The Kingdom.He first worked with Dick Grayson before going to work alongside his father, upon the original's return to the role of Batman.He continued to serve as Robin until 2013's Batman, Inc. In 2013, Damian Wayne placed 25th on IGN's Top 25 Heroes of DC Comics.Brotherhood of the Bat features a future in which Ra's al Ghul discovers the Batcave following Bruce Wayne's death, and outfits the League of Assassins in variant Batman costumes based on Wayne's rejected designs.

becoming the fifth person to use the Robin persona.Batman (father)Talia al Ghul (mother)Dick Grayson/Nightwing (adopted brother)Tim Drake (adopted brother)Jason Todd (adopted brother) Cassandra cain (adopted sister)Terry Mc Ginnis (half-brother; genetically engineered)Robin (Matt Mc Ginnis)(half-brother; genetically engineered)Huntress (Helena Wayne)(half-sister) and thus, the grandson of Batman villain Ra's al Ghul, the great grandson of Sensei and the nephew of Nyssa Raatko.Through his father he has two half-brothers, Matthew Mc Ginnis and Terry Mc Ginnis and a half sister, Helena Wayne and is also the grandson of Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne.In League of Batmen (2001), the sequel to Brotherhood of the Bat, Tallant leads his own team of variant Batmen to combat the plague that was al Ghul's legacy.During the battle, Tallant discovers that his grandfather is the one who murdered his father and then cloned him.

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  2. My ex-boyfriend, who is now one of my closest friends, is white and after speaking to my nana, I feel lucky we were together last year and not during the time of my grandparents’ relationship. It was, however, a factor in our relationship that we both experienced differently.