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"Every year the waves are stronger than in the previous one.Please review this submission carefully as we have updated the guidance around what each dataset refers to and the data availability question explanations.If known, please enter the department / organisation responsible for publishing this dataset along with contact email (if known).If the specific person responsible for this is known please also list them.Data offered by companies, citizen initiatives or any non-governmental organisation do not count for the Index.If the government has given the right to publish the data to third parties, a submission with a link a to third party site is allowed.The city’s predicament is further exacerbated by its location, as Alexandria is surrounded on three sides by the Mediterranean Sea and backs up to a lake.

Check if the organization has an agreement with the government to be the official source and make a note in the comment section.Data can be in a digital format, but not accessible online.For example: A country budget can be stored on a spreadsheet or otherwise on a private government network, but not on the Internet.In order to answer this question, you would need to look at the file type of the dataset.As a rule of thumb the following file types are machine readable: This question describes the form that the data is available in.

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