Aussie men dating

Because women want equality, except when it comes to dating.

Women still expect men to approach them and make all the moves.

Women have thousands of options available to them, so they are even less likely to ever initiate any messages.

As a consequence, the online world allows women to truly exercise their hypergamous nature.

Ausie women love the dudes who know a few moves and are confident to ask a girl for dance. Even other girls would be interested to get in touch after you are done.

Learn a few basic salsa moves from any of your friends or get some classes. Still, if dancing is not your game at all, you can try your hands with any musical intrument which you can play in social gatherings.

But why must men bear all the burden when it comes to dating?

Girls in Australia are quite emotional & conscious about how they are respected by others.

Most of them are feminists and love to see some respect in your eyes.

Many guys take the outgoing and free nature of aussie women as someone who is okay with getting laid anytime.

No matter, how funny it may sound to me as an Aussie woman myself, the fact is the reality is quite opposite to what many dudes think.

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