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As retail has moved online, the ability to accurately place products in the home has become paramount.

This is particularly true since many people find it difficult to judge objects based solely on their dimensions or accurately assess color.

Erica also isn't ready to tell the world that she and Kai are now dating.

Their relationship faces its own challenges with Kai being officially from the future.

A lot of the humour is very much in the vein of natural conversations people would have.

Even in potentially-tense situations more than once someone present who clearly didn't want to be there would be making awkward humorous remarks while clearly looking for an exit.

More than once a fake German accent was used in regards to therapy, of course, with people getting sucked up into the moment.

Dry observations that could derail someone's rant were also common.

They are creative thinkers and appreciate the arts. That could include anything from the measurements of our homes, our bodies, or anything else.One photo of our bathroom counter can yield suggestions for towels, bath mats, soaps, skin lotion, toothbrush holders, or shower curtains.Adaptions for the US and the UK are currently in development hell.Have you ever wanted to go back in time and 'fix' your life, or at least change it in some way? Erica was in her early thirties, single, university-educated and had just lost her terrible job for being too good at it. Tom in an apparently-supernatural office she can reach from anywhere.

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