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We even have people without any disabilities.” Successful matches Launched in 2016, the app, which has around 19,000 registered users, has so far helped over 6,000 disabled people to meet their spouses, claims Khona.

“Our algorithm matches on the basis of someone’s level of dependence, cure availability, medications and therapy for their disabilities,” says Khona about the crowdfunded app that raised nearly ,000.

Online dating is a common route for many to meet new people, one of whom, you hope, will be your potential partner.

But when you’re disabled, forming a romantic relationship online can be one of the hardest things, especially in India, where discrimination and stigma make them among the most excluded.

Start your search for your brand new friends or romance! Start building your brand new community of people just like you today!

There are so many special needs and disabled people who are just waiting to get to know you.

But this Diwali, over 100 people attended the meetup in Delhi, and since June, our online user base is growing 400% monthly.” In September, Inclov, which plans to expand its unique platform to other countries in coming years, raised an undisclosed amount in its pre-Series A funding round from a clutch of investors.

“With the fund, we want to launch a premium matchmaking service and a web portal next year,” says Khona.

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Since many disabled people fear being judged on regular dating websites,  Khona says the option of a matchmaking app offering them the chance to meet others facing a similar challenge is welcome.

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